hey whats up !


they/them or he/him pronouns pls

i go to university 

i  really love furbies,fashion, photography of landscapes and various fictional characters like ren kouha/suzuya juuzou or alluka zolldyck

i also reblog a lot of art and pretty things in general

sometimes youll see selfies or personal posts but im so lazy so thats rare

please look at my blacklist

i tried to make a list of what i tag once but i lost motivation half way in and never updated it feel free to look at it anyway

for my german followers: i also have animexx! im anemonta there !  background credit: ***

uchihasuchiwa asked you: I saw your Suzuya Juuzou cosplay and I absolutely love it! I hope you don't mind me asking but were your "threads" just makeup? They look like they're real stitches! Simply amazing!

aah thank you so much !! it was still a prototype tho O: the threads werent makeup but threads i glued on ! (altho i used makeup for my arm because i went out of glue and because i didnt have the right make up for that it wore off rlly fast .. ) im actually thinking of using thinner thread next time… because this one looked a lot like wool and i want it to look more realistic .. also i used the glue that comes with false lashes to attach them and the tubes were rlly small so it was a pain to use it.. now i bought actuall skin glue to use next time .. but glue for false lashes actually worked great .. its just a bit annoying to get rid of …but a good shower did the trick for me ~ 

me: hey ghost whats ur fav anime
ouija board: n...
me: naruto?
ouija board:
me: neon genesis evangelion?
ouija board: ...nerd

i got rlly into japanese rap lately what is going onn 



Warm up


Human: Nice weather here today, huh?
Me (fellow human): I agree with your statement about EARTH: North America: United States of America: Ohio: Columbus. Now that our cultural small talk exchange is finished: What is minimum protein content of human flesh? Does your… I mean, our… planet have significant uranium reserves?

hey whats up