hey whats up !


they/them or he/him pronouns pls

i go to university 

i  really love furbies,fashion, photography of landscapes and various fictional characters like ren kouha/suzuya juuzou or alluka zolldyck

i also reblog a lot of art and pretty things in general

sometimes youll see selfies or personal posts but im so lazy so thats rare

please look at my blacklist

i tried to make a list of what i tag once but i lost motivation half way in and never updated it feel free to look at it anyway

for my german followers: i also have animexx! im anemonta there !  background credit: ***

just got home from the con this weekend and im very tired and very hungry and i cant believe the tokyo ghoul manga is finished

but shiiiittt since i wont sleep this night and i cant sleep that long tomorrow night too bc theres the next con on saturday and i didnt sleep that much the last two days too i will be so dead at the convention omg

also new hair

lmao i was supposed to be at the other side of germany since like 8 pm yesterday but our car broke half the way there and the repair people drove us home so we will take the train at 3 am so i have 2 more hours to do nothing an d keep myself from sleeping 

hey whats up